The Biggest Mistake A Company Can Make

Every visitor to your site visits for a reason. Is your site getting in the way of users accomplishing their goals?

On the flip side what is your reason for bringing them to your site? Is the end goal clear and clearly communicated? You may want them to complete an opt-in, view an ad, make a purchase, complete a form-fill, sign up for a subscription, learn something about you or your product or any combination of the above.

How do you know you are maximizing the value of your visitors’ time and attention – and thereby maximizing the value are receiving from them? The answer is: data and testing.

    1. Collecting and analyzing the right data – both qualitative and quantitative
    2. Using that data to make hypotheses about how to improve your business and your site
    3. Then – the most often skipped part — running a test to verify your hypotheses
    4. And, finally, implementing based on what you learned

This can apply to just about every aspect of a business: operations, hiring, marketing, planning, design, technology, HR and productivity.

The biggest mistake a company can make is not collecting the right data and then not running tests based on that data to improve their business. The real shame is in the case of businesses that rely on the online channel to drive a significant portion of their business — the tools are affordable, the data is abundant and the testing options are incredibly powerful.

Incidentally, the above buckets happen to fit nicely into the newly published Lean Analytics. Although the book is geared towards startups, the general process is also relevant to a more established company. It never goes out of style no matter what size, stage or industry you are in! It’s a beautiful thing: just look at the parallels between optimizing a business with the above process and the scientific method.

The problem is that it can be difficult to accomplish this when you are busy running your business, when you “know” what will work, when there are more pressing issues like getting the next order out the door.

That is why I started this business, to help companies get through the issues inherent in the process, to avoid the pitfalls and to put in place a sustainable and on-going process of improvement that can result in massive, compounding gains.

In this space going forward I will be covering the tools, techniques, things to avoid and practical considerations around:

    • Analytics
    • Conversion rate optimization
    • Landing page optimization
    • A/B and Multivariate Testing
    • Metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    • Purchase Funnels
    • Getting inside your customers heads
    • Product management and strategy
    • Using data and testing to improve your product and messaging
    • What to test

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And if there is anything you would like me to cover or questions you have let me know.

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