It all starts with figuring how how your digital presence fits in with your business – and how it should evolve

Without a clear understanding of what your sites should be doing for you, measuring and testing will be meaningless.

Services include: building a business case, competitive analysis, KPI and metric development


Identify your best customers then truly understand them

Product marketing is about more than just white papers. It’s about getting a clear view of your target market and customers, digging into their mindset, needs and requirements and then communicating that to them effectively.

Services Offered: Product positioning, product messaging, market sizing, market segmentation, pricing analysis, marketing communication content, use cases, persona creation


Getting an accurate view of what is going on

How are your customers interacting with your business online? Are you able to make actionable decisions from the data you are collecting? Even if you have even the most rudimentary analytics set up you are likely already awash in data. What data should you focus on?

Tools include: Analytics software and click/heatmap tools such as Google Analytics, Clicktale, Crazyegg

Services include: Analytics setup, analytics audit, analytics reporting, accurate measurement of inbound channels, data integrity assessment, channel analysis, campaign analysis


Next figure out where in your funnel money is leaking out

You can’t focus everywhere at once. What is the most important area to optimize? Which pages and steps in the funnel when improved will create outsized returns?

Tools include: Kissmetrics, Mixpanel, Google Analytics

Services Offered: Funnel analysis, funnel optimization, analysis of cost of acquisition vs. customer lifetime value, cohort analysis, customer acquisition and onboarding analysis, customer behavior by channel, customer retention


Once you know what is going on and where you should focus, next up is figuring out how to improve things and actually implementing tests in the real world

Tools include: A/B/Multivariate testing tools such as Visual Website Optimizer, Optimizely and Unbounce. Voice of the customer tools such as Qualaroo, iPerceptions

Services include: heuristic evaluation of problem areas, hypothesis creation for improved conversions, lightweight customer research, experiment design, copywriting for conversion, layout and design of tests, test implementation, test post-mortem analysis


Real world data and testing should also inform how your product evolves

Services include: building a business case, product roadmap development, competitive analysis, product requirements definition, analysis of product usage patterns

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