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How does your digital presence fit in with your business? Which marketing channels should you be focused on? Before you can effectively measure, test and improve you must have a clear understanding of how your digital assets should be contributing to your business.


What are customers doing on your site? How can you improve the effectiveness of your site? From zero knowledge about your product to a loyal, long-term customer — who recommends you to others — it's key to track what matters at every step along the customer's (sometimes chaotic) journey and test improvements along the way via A/B tests to be absolutely sure your changes are effective.


How should your product evolve? Drive your product forward and achieve specific business goals through market analysis, data analysis and user research to improve customer satisfaction and increase conversions and retention.


Are you positioning and communicating your product benefits and features effectively? Market analysis, market sizing, problem identification, positioning and pricing all go hand in hand with segmenting your customers and communicating effectively to them.
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Increase your online ROI

Through a comprehensive analysis of your business and current customer behavior online and by applying my conversion maximization methodology, I can help you make more money with the traffic you are already getting. I am focused on maximizing your profit with a minimal expenditure of effort on your end and in the quickest manner possible.

Who are you?

Your website plays a strategic role in your business and you want more purchases, opt-ins, subscribers, leads, downloads, registrations, or phone calls from the traffic you currently get. You are looking to quickly increase your company’s profit via a more effective site and to demonstrate a clear ROI from your efforts.

Who am I?

The name’s Tom Powell. I will help you ramp up your business and increase the profitability of your online presence.  I have 8 years of experience in digital marketing, product management and market research at CBS Local Digital, Forrester Research, Yodle, and IAC. At CBS Local I managed the launch, operations and marketing for a number of products that resulted in $5 million per year in revenue. I’m also a Marketing and Entrepreneurship MBA from Duke University and a Google Analytics Qualified Individual.

What’s next?

Every company is different. The cost and payment structure of the engagement is tailored to what you need done and what makes the most sense for your business.

Contact me via one of the methods below and let’s set up a call to discuss your goals and how we can best work together.

I guarantee my work — if I cannot demonstrate the value I bring to your business, you will not pay.

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(347) 651-0421

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